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"God, Me... HIV?" One Man Show Official Site

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About show/movie!


A baby girl cries alone, only because her parents died from H.I.V. She is one of sixteen babies infected with HIV daily. We are inviting you to be part of a movie precedent that will change this vicious cycle. This is the first movie to have HIV testing outside of every movie theatre. If you attend or donate to this historic movie, you are supporting a successful intervention to this life-altering epidemic.


The movie stars Devin T. Robinson X. His award winning talent has been seen on MTV, NBC, CBS, BET, Apollo, HIV Plus magazine and Seventeen Magazine. ( His work is adaptable to church, high school and college audiences. He is on a crusade to save lives. Without a doubt he is found to be one of the most effective educators in our era. This is why his one-man show was made into a movie for the masses.


The movie opens with a documentary about the 33311 zip code of South Florida (The highest HIV infection rate in Florida). Displaying the dynamic unseen work of the AIDS Awareness Poets Inc in that area, with the one man show as being their most powerful way of educating. Then it explodes into the one- man show. The name of the movie is “God, Me…HIV?” (Just blame yourself). It displays seven different ways the virus can be spread without using vulgarity or religiosity. The beauty of this show is in the creation. It does not push people to use condoms, unprotected sex or abstinence. It just gives facts and consequences. When you push people to think, they will have a better chance of making the right decision. There is no pressure or lecture; you are just watching a funny and theatrical performance while being educated. 

With this being the first movie to have HIV testing on such a large scale, your sponsorships/attendance will go towards history. From this point on, every film aimed at teaching others will travel an extra mile to infect their audiences with potent information. Why? Because you supported a message that touched people in a way that no movie has ever done. By supporting, you will give life to a powerful preventative message and you will be known for being an advocate for historic change. Every 9 minutes someone is infected with HIV, with your help we can strive to cut it to 0, one day. 

Short version:

 Imagine if the genius of Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, Denzel Washington, Maya Angelou and your most influential instructor came together to create an one man show. This would be that show. This type of comedy however mixed with world-class acting, poetry and motivational speaking yet used to educate people about HIV is the main attraction of this movie.

Now take that movie, place it in the most luxorious movie theatres  and have free HIV testing outside. This is beyond a movie; this is a chance to save lives. One actor, one mic on one night to change one virus.

Devin T. Robinson X will perform seven **confessional narratives about HIV that will do what they have always done…inspire an audience to change. This movie is an adaptation of the “God Did Not Give Me HIV” one-man show. The difference is the title and the new confessional narratives performed.

The Movie


        The One-Man Show


" I am not a revolutionary, just a revolution that is necessary "-"Egypt"